Eat, Drink & Be Kari

A Dash & A Story & A Mark


Welcome to My New Blog where I can Eat, Drink & Be KARI

First things first, I have NO CLUE how to blog.  Ha!  This should be interesting, right?!?!  It took me long enough to figure out how to (somewhat) do….Seriously.  Check out the date on my “first blog” Gazpacho.  And No, there is no recipe!!!  Apparently, just a picture.  Nice.

So, most important:  I LOVE TO COOK!!!!


 I am NOT A CHEF!!!

I have NEVER taken a cooking class, gone to culinary school, or had any formal training (although, I would love to!!!!)

*Another Small Disclaimer*


I have NEVER taken a photography class, gone to photography school, or had any formal training.

(although, I would love to!!!!)

So, PLEASE bear with me….what you see is what you get.  I will be attempting to share recipes and take some pictures to show the steps to follow along.  They may not all be perfect.  Please be kind and considerate in your comments!  🙂

All food can be made better, therefore, all cooks can be made better.  Right?

 I love to use herbs & spices. I will try and show you that a pinch of this can do wonders.

Or just a DASH.  

Food needs to have a beginning, middle, and end…and a few embellishments along the way never hurt anyone!

All your dishes should tell a STORY.

presentation, Presentation, PRESENTATION!!!

You want the delicious factor as well as the WOW factor.

You want to leave your MARK.

I love to eat, I love to drink, I love to garden and I love my family…..therefore, I ALWAYS try to buy local and organic.

I might not always put “organic” or “natural” or “farm-raised” or “my girls’ eggs”…..but, you can ALWAYS assume that if I have the option, that is what I am going to be using.  Eat for your health and respect our planet while doing so.  I will also be composting and recycling.  Do you???

From Good Eats, to Gardening, to Entertaining, to OverIndulging.

From Deep Thoughts (prob not so much….), to my Kids (prob more often!!!!)

This is what you will get.

I will prove,

~  All you need is a Dash and a Story, and you can leave your Mark  ~


*btw, my kids names are Dash and Story and my husbands name is Mark.

~~wink, wink~~



Comments on: "A Dash & A Story & A Mark" (5)

  1. shimp waymack said:

    True story- I like to cook, am not a chef, and take pictures, and am not a photgrapher, as well. I am now an official blog subscriber

  2. Hi Kari, I saw your post on the Charlotte Social Bloggers page and wanted to check out your blog! Beautiful so far! Can’t wait to follow your recipes and try some as well. 🙂


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