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Organic Chocolate Peanut Butter Granola

Organic Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Granola

O. M. G.

Crunchy & Chock FULL of Healthy Goodness

Crunchy & Chock FULL of Healthy Goodness

Are you ready for this!?!?! I’m not sure you are.
You are about to find the Holy Grail of all granola recipes. Every time I make granola….I’m never quite pleased with the results. (And usually end up having to throw the pan away!!!) Here is a simple, no fail, De-freakin-LICIOUS recipe that I promised will Wow! It made a little over 3 large mason jars full. Plenty to share!!!
I’ve got to give credit to David Lebovitz ( for the basic Chocolate Peanut Butter recipe. It is fantabulous. Check out his blog!  Great writer….Paris…food….humor…love him!!!  Anyways, all I did was karify it up a little.  Get creative!!!  Use what you have hanging around in the pantry! I’m sure you can’t go wrong no matter what you add in to personalize this one!  I just added some seeds for a little health booster!

Slightly toasted to perfection

Slightly toasted to perfection

Organic Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Granola

3 cups Organic Rolled Oats
1 cup Coarsely Chopped Local/Organic Peanuts
3/4 cup Organic/Good Quality Dark Chocolate Chips
1/2 cup Organic Sunflower Seeds
1/2 cup Organic White Sesame Seeds
1/3 cup Organic Chia Seeds
1/3 cup Organic Flax Seeds or Ground Flax
2 T Organic Saigon Cinnamon
Organic Sea Salt

1/2 cup Organic Peanut Butter
1/2 cup Organic Maple Syrup
1/4 cup Organic Coconut Sugar/Organic Brown Sugar
1 tsp Organic Madagascar Vanilla
2 Tablespoons Water

Preheat oven to 325. Line 2 large baking sheets with parchment. In large mixing bowl combine all dry ingredients. Lightly mix. Combine wet ingredients in small saucepan and warm over low until just smooth. Quickly pour over dry mixture and toss to coat. Spread evenly over 2 pans. Bake 25-40 min, Stirring a few times while baking. Let cool completely. Should last if stored tightly for a month or two!

Keep some and be sure to SHARE with a friend!

Gorgeous Healthy Homemade Granola

This made a bit more….I can’t lie.  The kids and I could barely keep away from this stuff when it came hot out of the oven.  The chocolate was ooey gooey deliciousness all rolled up in this nutty crispy crunchy bites.  Holy wow.  I don’t even know what to say.  And your house will smell absolutely delightfully divine!  I know this because my hubby didn’t get home until like midnight and scoured the kitchen looking for whatever I had been baking.  Unfortunately for him, it was bottled up in 3 mason jars and packaged away for his birthday surprise.  whoops!  Surprise!!!

Instant Granola Gratification!

Instant Granola Gratification!


  • You can totally change this up with different nuts.
  • Be sure to use UNSALTED whenever possible, that way YOU can control the amount of salt!
  • You could use Almonds and Almond Butter for an awesome twist!
  • Add dried fruit, cherries, mango, golden raisins for a sweet addition.
  • Substitue seeds or use what you have!  If you leave something out or add another, it won’t matter!

I hope you enjoy this as much as we have!!!


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