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Simple Pasta 2

Simple Pasta II

Same Basic Ingredients, Different Sauce

Again, Simple Pasta, Different Variation.  Keeping the theme for a Quick go to meal that is simple to prepare, delicious, filling, and healthy!  I am trying to show you how easy it is to change up a recipe to make it your own…and to work with whatever fresh ingredients you have on hand!!!  I switched up the pasta to a Red Sauce.  Feel free to use your favorite, one of my favorite “Go To” pre-made sauces is any of the Raos’ line.  One of the FEW bottled sauces that I do not need to “doctor up” for flavor.  I am just adding healthy veggies!  But definitely not because of anything lacking…Raos’ is simply amazing.  The Arrabbiata is fresh with a little kick.  Perfect for pasta, and seafood!!!

Gather Your Ingredients

Red Onion, Torn Chard, Minced Garlic, Rao's Sauce, Italian Sausage Pasta

Red Onion, Torn Chard, Minced Garlic, Rao’s Sauce, Italian Sausage Pasta

Preheat Skillet to Med-High.

Add Sliced Red Onions, EVOO, s&p.

Sweat 2-3 Mins.


Add Minced Garlic and sauté until fragrant.  1-2 Mins.

TURN SKILLET DOWN to Med-Low…DO NOT BURN GARLIC!!!!20130513-080324.jpg

It should look something like this:


Add Torn Chard.




Add Rao’s Arrabbiata Sauce.


Heat 3-5 Mins.20130513-080438.jpg

Add Cooked Pasta & 2 T Pasta Water.


Take off heat.  Should look like this:




Drizzle with EVOO, Grated Parm & Parsley

20130513-080501.jpgBon Appétit!

My Bowl VS Mark's Plate

My Bowl VS Mark’s Plate

You can even store the leftovers right back in the Rao's Jar!!!  How's that for easy clean up?!?!!?

You can even store the leftovers back in the Rao’s Jar!!! How’s that for easy clean up?!?!!?



Comments on: "Simple Pasta 2" (2)

  1. I made this last night with half sausage tortellini and half cheese. I also used spinach. Thanks for an easy and delicious recipe 🙂

    • Yum!!! That sounds good! SO glad you tried it and like it. Such an easy one to switch up! 😉 Isn’t Rao’s Sauce to die for??? Quite a little kick!

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